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Meet the team...


Stefano Maio - Oxfordshire Correspondent

Stefano, born and bred in Benevento (Italy). Moved to Oxford in 2013. Scientist during the day, gig-goer during the night. Musician for more than 11 years. Rhythm guitarist in several bands and producer/promoter for new artists. Joined the AWBW team as Social Media Rep in February 2017.


Constantine Blintzios - Twitter Correspondent


A Creative Writing student at Oxford. He is the frontman for the band Momento as well as his solo project:  Ephebe.  His background is in  Contemporary Art, English Literature and Music. He grew up in Athens, Greece.


Andy Wicks - Berkshire Correspondent


Since his first gig (Grandmaster Melle Mel and the Furious Five circa 1984), Andy has been a regular gig goer.  In addition to being a music fan with eclectic tastes, he is also a part-time photographer, often working with local bands capturing live shows or taking promo shots.


Regrettably, Andy has no musical ability whatsoever.



Founder - Ian Mitchell


Ian is the primary songwriter behind Oxford's Alt-Folk trio Little Red. He first started up All Will Be Well in 2007 as a live music promoter and launched it as a not-for-profit, community-based label in 2015. Passionate about grass-roots music, All Will Be Well is his vision of a future which gives artists based on talent alone, the chance to reach a wider audience.







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